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Former British School makes way for housing

The construction of the social rental apartments on this site was announced in our report in early 2021. After the school relocated to a new building in the spring of 2021, work began on dismantling the complex in Fred. Roeskestraat. The temporary annex at the front has now been completely dismantled. On 28 March 2022, contractor Bottelier Slooptechniek BV began demolition work on the main building and the gym. This is expected to take until mid-May 2022. When the building has been demolished, we will not start building the new housing immediately. We expect this to happen at the end of 2023, with the housing scheduled for completion in 2025.

The former school makes way for housing
Marcel Steinbach


During the work, the contractor will use low-noise demolition techniques. However, there may be disruption at certain times. Contractor Bottelier will do everything in its power to keep any disruption to a minimum, partly by monitoring to ensure that noise and vibrations remain within the required levels. Strict time limits will apply to construction traffic during the demolition work, in order to avoid the (school) peak periods.

Temporary landscaping

After the demolition, the site will be given temporary landscaping for a one-year period. This will be designed together with the local community. Construction work will not be starting until late 2023 partly because we first need to determine the framework for development. The necessary permits and planning permission also need to be applied for. We will then make agreements about this with Eigen Haard housing association. When that has been completed, Eigen Haard will start to design two new residential buildings on the site.

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