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Limited access at Amsterdam Zuid station for two weekends

During these two weekends in September, the entrance on the Zuidplein side (where the WTC is) will be closed for around 10 minutes every two hours. This means that anyone wishing to enter the station on that side will then need to wait up to 10 minutes. The entrance on the Mahlerplein side will stay open as usual, as will the now reopened entrance from Parnassusweg. Local residents who only use the station to get from Mahlerplein to Zuidplein and vice-versa will also have to deal with these temporary closures and delays. On Sunday, 24 September, the entrance from Zuidplein will be completely closed until around 14.00. On that day, transport will be available for people with mobility issues to get from Zuidplein to the station entrance in Mahlerplein.

For safety reasons

These closures of the station passageway are necessary because, just above it, we will be hoisting long foundation piles and sheet piling into the air before installing them into the ground. For safety reasons, we will close the passageway during this heavy lifting work. This is expected to happen every two hours, each time lasting around 10 minutes.

Reduced metro service

Metro 51 will not be running during these two weekends. Metro 50 will run a modified route and timetable (Isolatorweg-Gaasperplas). For advice on how to travel, check the travel planner at

A10 Zuid closed

We previously reported that the A10 Zuid in the direction of Schiphol and The Hague will be closed between 8 and 11 September and between 22 and 25 September from the Amstel interchange to the S108 (Amsterdam Oud-Zuid) exit. The S108 access road from the city will remain open however.


The closures of the Zuidplein station entrance are as follows:

  • Saturday 9 September: from 07.00 until 01.00 at night: temporary closures, 10 minutes, every two hours
  • Sunday, 10 September: from 01.00 until 06.00, completely closed
  • Sunday 10 September: from 06.00 until approximately 16.00: temporary closures, 10 minutes, every two hours
  • Saturday 23 September: from 07.00 until 01.00 at night: temporary closures, 10 minutes, every two hours
  • Sunday, 24 September: from 01.00 until 15.00, completely closed

Station regeneration

The intermittent closure of the station passageway and the metro track and the closure of the motorway are necessary because, during these two weekends, we will be inserting a lot of sheet piling and foundation piles into the ground between the track of metro lines 50 and 51 (in the direction of Isolatorweg) and the A10 in the direction of Schiphol and The Hague. We will use vibration methods to install the sheet piling. This will cause a lot of noise. We are doing this work in order to be able to increase the height of the metro track in 2024 and move it slightly to the north, as part of the complete regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station.

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