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Work resumes on The Art Bridge across De Boelegracht

In May 2023, we started work on the southern side of De Boelegracht by installing an abutment, which will ultimately provide support for The Art Bridge footbridge. The first step involved preparing the area underground for concrete foundations. However, further investigations were needed to ensure the careful construction of these foundations. That investigation has been completed and the work has been resumed, starting with the brickwork and pouring of concrete and culminating in the construction of the ground level sections. According to the current schedule, The Art Bridge will be completed by May 2024.


The coming months will be used to add concrete and brickwork to the foundations and to repair the bank protection. The surrounding area will then be given green landscaping and the connection to the pavement in De Boelelaan will be built. When this work has been completed, in around February 2024, the bridge can be put into position. According to the most recent schedule, this will be in May 2024.

The Art Bridge

The Art Bridge is a gift from the Zuidschans Development Consortium, the developers behind The George and The Gustav residential buildings. The abutment on the northern side of Rosy Wertheimstraat has already been completed. In the months ahead, we will be working on the abutment on the southern side, after which the bridge can be put into position.

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