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New building VU Amsterdam

Want to go to lectures during the day and watch a film in the same hall that evening? At the multifunctional new university building, that’s no problem at all! The building’s flexible spaces mean education, research and the Griffioen Culture Centre programme can be easily accommodated in the same room. The new university building will be constructed in the centre of De Boelelaan and the new campus square.

As the vibrant heart of the Campus, the New University Building wil give a face to the hospitality of the VU. It will be a stepped rising building, with seven floors on the campus side and twelve floors on the De Boelelaan. The atrium forms the heart of the New University Building. A grand café and facilities such as shops will be built on the ground floor. The first floor is intended for multimedia library facilities. The Building also offers space for the programming of theater VU Griffioen, arthouse cinema Rialto VU and the VU ART SCIENCE gallery.

The double entrance on the new campus square and on the De Boelelaan, underlines the public character of the building. It aims to be a pleasant and clear educational environment and at the same time offers space for urban life.

Artist impression entrance

By placing bicycle and car parking underground, the quality of the public space improves and more space is created for green on the campus. Three floors are available for cars with amenities such as charging points for electric cars. Access to the parking garage (in and out) is via the Van der Boechorststraat. The bicycles will be parked on the -1 level, under the new intermediate street that will be created between the New University Building and the Training Institute for Care and Welfare.


The Team V Architectuur drew up the design. The contractor realizing the New University Building is the construction consortium Visser & Smit en Boele & van Eesteren.


The New University Building is a sustainable building that aims to meet the criteria for the BREEAM-NL Excellent quality mark. This quality mark assesses projects on sustainability performance. This sustainability is reflected in the design, among others. By taking into account the orientation towards the sun, the energy requirement is minimal. The building is also easily adaptable to changing functions and is therefore durable for life.

Trailer – New University Building

Additional information

  • The New University Building covers 31.000 m2, divided over 13 floors.
  • It accommodates 4.600 students and about a 1000 university staff.
  • The underground parking garage has 3 floors and a total of 24.000 m2.
  • The garage has space for 600 cars and 1.300 bicycles.
  • The teaching rooms in the multifunctional building are also suitable as theater and cinema.
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