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Consultation opens on draft zoning plan for Fred. Roeskestraat 55

In order to make it possible to develop housing and offices on this site, the zoning plan needs to be modified. Earlier this year, we organised an information evening about this procedure. The draft zoning plan is now open for consultation until 18 October 2023. The same applies to the draft decision to allow higher noise levels in accordance with the Noise Abatement Act (Wet geluidhinder).

Development of Parnas complex

On 15 September 2021, the City Council approved the official policy document (Nota van Uitgangspunten) for the redevelopment and new construction of the Parnas complex. The draft zoning plan has been based on that document. The zoning plan sets out in law the urban design, spatial and programme principles agreed for this area in the official policy document.

Hybrid building

The zoning plan makes it possible to develop a hybrid building, designated for use as housing and offices, referred to as the Parnas complex. The total programme enabled by the zoning plan covers a maximum of 11,025 sq. m. of gross floor area (GFA). The zoning plan allows for a maximum programme and maximum building heights. The main designated use is Mixed-1 (Gemengd-1), which permits a maximum of 6,475 sq. m. GFA of offices, a maximum of 4,550 sq. m. GFA of housing (maximum 12% of private sector housing and a minimum of 88% of mid-market rental properties) and an underground car park with a maximum of 46 parking spaces.

Noise limits for housing

The preferred noise limits as stipulated in the Noise Abatement Act will be exceeded on the external walls of some of the housing. Since noise-reducing measures will either be insufficiently effective or disruptive, it will be necessary to set higher values for the maximum admissible noise levels. This concerns the noise caused by the A10 motorway, the railway in the direction of Schiphol and the metro trains. The draft decision approving these higher noise limits is open for consultation until 18 October 2023.

Consultation process

In the period when the Draft Zoning Plan Zuidas-Parnas Fred. Roeskestraat 55, partial revision (‘Ontwerpbestemmingsplan Zuidas-Parnas Fred. Roeskestraat 55 partiële herziening’) is open for consultation, anyone can submit an opinion on it. During the consultation period on the draft decision to approve higher noise limits, interested parties can submit an opinion on the draft decision. The official announcement (in Dutch) provides details of how you can view the documents and submit an opinion.

Anterior Agreement

For the planned development of the plot at Fred. Roeskestraat 55, the City of Amsterdam has entered into an Anterior Agreement (Anterieure Overeenkomst) with the State of the Netherlands. This agreement concerns the use of land. The description of this Anterior Agreement is also open for consultation until 18 October. The official announcement (in Dutch) provides details of where you can view this. It is not possible to submit opinions or objections to the above-mentioned agreement or the description of its content.

Information meeting

The City of Amsterdam is organising a walk-in evening from 19.00 until 20.30 on Thursday, 21 September. This meeting will be held in the former courthouse building at Parnassusweg 220 in Amsterdam. There is no need to register in advance for the meeting.

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