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Overnight closures A10 Zuid due to Soil Research

We are very busy preparing for the huge infrastructure project Zuidasdok. In the coming years we will be extending the A10 Zuid between the De Nieuwe Meer and Amstel junctions from four to six lanes. We are separating through-traffic from local traffic and at the heart of Zuidas, the A10 will disappear underground. We are also completely renovating Amsterdam Zuid station, including making more space for the tram, bus, taxi and bicycle. The project should be completed by 2028.

Disruptions in the coming months

In order to carry out the construction of Zuidasdok in the best possible way, we first need to map the soil’s bearing capacity within the entire project area. The A10 Zuid motorway falls within this area. You may therefore experience disruption in the coming months. The overview below shows the scheduled closures in June, but please be aware that these dates may change. Therefore, keep paying attention to the yellow signs along the roadside too, and check the Rijkswaterstaat website, our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.


We can only perform these surveys safely by closing one or two lanes of the motorway. The remaining lanes can be used normally, at an adjusted speed limit of 70 km/h. However, in some cases, we will have to close the entire motorway, including connecting roads and access or exit ramps. We will do this at the quietest times of the day, namely in the evenings and overnight.  All roads will be reopened before the start of the morning rush hour. These closures, along with recommended detours, will be signposted on the roadside.

Soil research

The purpose of the soil research is to determine properties like resistance, bearing capacity and groundwater levels. On the basis of that information, the ZuidPlus construction consortium, which will be building Zuidasdok, can decide, among other things, which building techniques will be deployed. The surveys, known as soundings, take place on land (roads, railway tracks, roadsides) and on water. A metal bar is pressed into the soil with the aid of a probing trolley. How long this takes depends on the depth of the probe.

Roadworks in June

All roadworks will take place between 23.00 and 05.00. Note: dates and times may change. Please consult the Rijkswaterstaat website.

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