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Zuidasdok reports on the second half of 2023

The Zuidasdok commissioning authorities have updated Amsterdam City Council and the Dutch House of Representatives on progress made in the Zuidasdok project in the second half of 2023. This is a summary of their report.

Multiple works on Amsterdam road network in 2024

Amsterdam is set to experience a year of works on roads, bridges and the railway. On the south side, Zuidasdok is working to improve accessibility. Elsewhere, Rijkswaterstaat (the Public Works Department), ProRail and the City of Amsterdam are also carrying out works. ‘This year will still be relatively quiet.'

Preparations for summer work at Amsterdam Zuid set to start

From 13 May 2024, preparations will start at Amsterdam Zuid station for the major works scheduled for this summer. They will cause some disruption in the existing station entrance, the Minervapassage. This will include the disappearance of one of the metro access gates.

Focus on habitat at the De Nieuwe Meer junction

In the second half of 2024, work starts on the reconstruction of the De Nieuwe Meer junction. In doing the work, our aim is to minimise emissions as far as possible. But our minds will also be on the human environment and the habitat for plants and animals. So what place will nature have in this large-scale project?

Second roof section for Minervapassage under construction

Between the glass platform roofs at Amsterdam Zuid station, we are (again) building a roof section. The huge concrete sheet will soon be part of the new roof of the existing passenger tunnel. We will be moving it into position in August 2024.

A10 Zuid to close for eight weekends in 2024

Between the end of June and mid-December 2024, Zuidasdok will be closing the A10 Zuid for eight weekends. These closures will cause serious traffic disruption and increased journey times. We are giving you advance information about these works and the potential diversions.

Guided tour of works at Amsterdam Zuid station

Are you curious about what we are building in and around Amsterdam Zuid station? At 16.00 on Tuesday, 16 April 2024, we are organising a guided tour of all of the works. This walking tour will include a look at the additional passenger tunnel, the Brittenpassage.

Safety awareness at Zuidasdok

Safe construction is one of the most important challenges for Zuidasdok. We are building in a busy, built-up area and always in close proximity to the A10 and the railway. So, how do we ensure that it stays safe?

Night-time traffic disruption on A10 Zuid

In the evenings and nights between 27 and 30 March 2024, there will be works happening along the A10 Zuid in the Utrecht direction. This is expected to cause some disruption to traffic. In the night from Friday, 29 to Saturday 30 March, the S108 access road will be closed.

Parnassusweg closures for construction of metro viaduct

From April to July 2024, we are working on the metro viaducts across Parnassusweg. We are making preparations to enable the construction of a new viaduct there this summer. During this period, we will be closing the eastern carriageway (in the direction of the city) several times.

Zuidas and Zuidasdok market brings in the crowds

On 12 March 2024, more than 150 people visited the market in the Zuidas-Zuidasdok Information Centre. Alongside many familiar faces, there were also quite a lot of new ones. People with specific questions and people with a general interest in Zuidas and Zuidasdok.

350 piles for additional station passageway

Piles, piles and even more piles. Under the roof of the second passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station, everything is focusing on foundation work. A total of around 350 piles are being inserted into the ground for the floor of the new Brittenpassage.
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