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Demolition work starts on old AFC clubhouse

Although a beautiful new clubhouse building is on the horizon only a short distance away, seeing the demolition of the old building finally happening is quite emotional for many members, according to project manager Rogier Schravendeel. ‘Several members have been here recently to take a final photo of their beloved clubhouse. I can see why. Some of them were kicking a ball around here back in 1962, when AFC relocated here. These people have fond memories of the pitches and the clubhouse.’ The club itself is also taking a look back at those times in a video with 21 AFC players.

Marcel Steinbach

Almost complete

The relocation of Goed Genoeg sports park, where AFC is the main tenant, is almost complete. Because of the new Ravel residential district, to be located between De Boelelaan and the recently-laid Ravellaan, four new pitches have been realised, closer to the A10. The main final work involves laying the final new, fifth pitch and the demolition of the former AFC clubhouse, after 58 years of loyal service. ‘We’ll start work on the fifth pitch midway through this year, when Valley has been completed, and the demolition of the club house building is therefore now well underway’, says Schravendeel.

Inside the new clubhouse building
Marcel Steinbach

From the inside

Over the coming weeks, passers-by will not be able to see much of the demolition. The contractor is starting from the inside. Starting on 1 February, you may see men in white suits walking past. Schravendeel: ‘A small amount of asbestos was detected in the old clubhouse. If you leave it alone, it’s fine, but not if you start removing it. In that case, specific rules apply. The people doing the work have to wear protective clothing. There are no further risks for the surrounding area.’

The new pitches are almost complete
Marcel Steinbach

The curtain falls

Removing the asbestos will take around a week, after which the clubhouse will have its final curtain fall. ‘In mid-February, you will see the building suddenly getting smaller’, confirms Schravendeel. The contract agreed with the contractor does not permit any work that makes a lot of noise on Wednesday afternoons. This is the time when young people are playing football on pitch 4 next to the building. But the demolition work will soon be over and by the end of February, the clubhouse will be no more. The good news is AFC has been given a great new home to replace it.

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