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More works in Beethovenstraat

From Friday, 2 September until Friday, 21 October 2022, there will be further traffic disruption and potentially also noise nuisance in Beethovenstraat, between Gustav Mahlerlaan and De Boelelaan. This is because of works in preparation for the new Ravel residential district.

Beethovenstraat closed because of works

From Friday 26 August, 2022 until 05.30 on 29 August, there will be traffic disruption and potential noise nuisance in Beethovenstraat, next to Valley. We are carrying out works in preparation for the new Ravel residential district.

Maintenance work at Amstelveenseweg station

From Sunday 7 until Sunday 28 August, we are carrying out works at Amstelveenseweg station. This will involve replacing the tramlines and renovating the metro stop, making it safer and more comfortable. It is expected to cause some disruption.

Box piles replaced in Beethovenstraat

We are in the process of relandscaping the area around WTC Tower Ten. Before that, we will be replacing box piles in Beethovenstraat. In order to do the work safely, we will be closing the western lane to traffic during two weekends.

Changes to platform for North/South metro line

Metro passengers have now had some time to get used to the changes to the platforms on the North/South metro line and are making enthusiastic use of the new crossing. So, what has changed and why?

Working safely in the A10 and railway dike

Fans of construction have been regularly monitoring our webcam, which is showing a live feed of the major works underway at Amsterdam Zuid station. At times, there is a noticeable difference in the clothes that the workers are wearing. This is due to the nature of the ground in which we are working.

Smooth start to 11-day closure of A10 Zuid

We’ve made a start. On the evening of Friday, 22 July, the long-awaited 11-day closure of the A10 Zuid actually began. Ultimately, we can look back on a successful weekend involving some really hard work. Only eight more days to go.

Damloperspad restored until late 2024

The bridge connecting Damloperspad and Jachthavenweg, just to the south of the A10, has been temporarily restored. As a result, it is at last possible to walk all the way around De Nieuwe Meer again, much to the delight of many.

Restructuring work on Europaplein-Oost delayed

The restructuring work on Europaplein-Oost has been delayed by four months. We will also only be able to include 46 of the 55 parking spaces planned. The roots of some of the trees are too big, preventing us from paving the soil on top of them.

Wielingenstraat set to be made safer

The design of the upgraded Wielingenstraat is now definitive. With a separate cycle path, optically narrowed lanes and a reduction in freight traffic, the street is set to become safer. A green central reservation will also give it a leafier look and feel.

Ask&GO to provide travel advice during Zuidasdok works

Between 22 July and 3 August, the A4 and A10 Zuid will be closed in the direction of Utrecht. The trains will run a revised service. What does this mean for you? Ask&GO can provide you with personal travel advice, e.g., via Whatsapp.

€100 travel voucher for a sustainable, accessible Zuidas

Is it really possible to keep Zuidas accessible while also reducing your CO2 footprint? It certainly is if you opt to leave the car at home more often and travel off-peak. We are currently running a pilot to find out what works best. If you participate in the pilot, you could receive a travel voucher worth €100.
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