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Over 200 social rented apartments for first-timers

The De Key housing association is developing a residential tower comprising 216 apartments for first-timers. They will be the first of 2,700 apartments to be built close to VU Amsterdam in the years ahead. The apartments are scheduled for completion in 2024.

Winning plans for ‘Zuid Neighbourhood Budget’ announced

Which local neighbourhood initiatives in Zuidas and Buitenveldert should be implemented in the near future? Some 3,053 residents cast their votes in the finals of the Zuid Neighbourhood Budget (Buurtbudget Zuid). There are seven winning initiatives.

Japanese exotics fight it out in Zuidas

It might not be obvious, but along Piet Kranenbergpad, a battle is currently waging between two Japanese exotics. The Japanese knotweed jumping plant louse is taking on its traditional prey, rampant Japanese knotweed. We’re on the side of the bug.

Slipping at Tripolis Park

In the blink of an eye, there are suddenly two tremendous 45-metre concrete towers between Tripolis Park and the A10 motorway. ‘Because we built the towers with slip forming, we were able to complete them in just 18 days’, says Henry de Koning.

Vote for the best 14 district plans

In the ‘District Budget 2020’ municipal project, 14 plans for Buitenveldert and Zuidas have made it to the final. From 1 October up to and including 21 October 2020, you can vote by distributing € 100,000 over the plans that appeal most to you.

INNSiDE Hotel in 2Amsterdam opens 10 December

On 10 December 2020, the INNSiDE Hotel is opening a new four-star hotel in one of the two towers of 2Amsterdam. It will be the Spanish hotel chain Meliá's first hotel in the Netherlands. General manager Sjoerd Sybesma took us for a guided tour.

Conservatorium comes to Beatrixpark

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam music academy is set to open an annex in Beatrixpark in Zuidas, in the Kapel & Convict (Chapel & Convict) buildings. The City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam School of the Arts have signed a contract to this effect.

Cabaret amidst the cacti

It must have been quite a surprise to the small, obscure flies that call the Botanic Garden Zuidas home. On 4 September 2020, they witnessed how it was being transformed into an open-air theatre for the first performances of the Huiskamerfestival (‘Living Room Festival’).

The New Courthouse from inside

Now that most of the scaffolding inside the new courthouse has been removed, it is finally possible to see what the NACH construction consortium and the court had always envisaged: a prominent, recognisable, authoritative and functional building, with some surprising elements.

McDonald’s will speak with residents

McDonald’s plans to talk with residents of The Gustav building on Mahlerlaan. The fast-food chain would like to open a branch on the ground floor of this residential complex. More than 80 objections have been lodged with Zuid district concerning the plan.

Join the discussion about new green along De Boelelaan

In a few years we are going to redevelop the middle section of the De Boelelaan, situated between the Beethovenstraat and the Parnassusweg. Part of this, is a new green bank along the De Boelegracht. Think and talk along via the Opp App.

Order returns around RAI station

This summer’s work around RAI station could hardly have run more smoothly. ‘Now that this is also finished, the area around RAI looks much less confusing and order has returned’, says project manager Hanno de Groot.
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